Based on the values and vision of our founders in 1952 

 It is the present and future goal of the Shermans Dale Community Fire Company to continue the legacy of service to others that was started by many respectable members of our community years ago.  Members are committed to increasing their fire services knowledge through training and educational courses; they place value in presenting themselves as positive role models in order to continue a trusted relationship with our citizens; and they are dedicated to conducting fundraising events which help raise needed monies to offset tax increases to our citizens. It is with continued community support and volunteerism that the Shermans Dale Volunteer Fire Company will continue to excel in our community.

Happenings around the Station include Training ,  Meetings, Fundraisers,  and other Events.  Check the EVENT page for greater detail on these and other events. You can also check our online calendar at the following link .  SDFC Public Events Calendar

June 5, 2023
  • Firemen's Relief Meeting
    6:45 pm Till: 7:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Company, 5450 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, United States

  • Fire Company Meeting
    7:00 pm Till: 9:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Co, Spring Road, Shermans Dale, PA, United States

June 14, 2023
  • Training Night
    6:00 pm Till: 7:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Company — Perry County Company 12, 5450 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, USA

July 3, 2023
  • Firemen's Relief Meeting
    6:45 pm Till: 7:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Company, 5450 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, United States

  • Fire Company Meeting
    7:00 pm Till: 9:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Co, Spring Road, Shermans Dale, PA, United States

July 12, 2023
  • Training Night
    6:00 pm Till: 7:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Company — Perry County Company 12, 5450 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, USA

August 7, 2023
  • Firemen's Relief Meeting
    6:45 pm Till: 7:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Company, 5450 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, United States

  • Fire Company Meeting
    7:00 pm Till: 9:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Co, Spring Road, Shermans Dale, PA, United States

August 9, 2023
  • Training Night
    6:00 pm Till: 7:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Company — Perry County Company 12, 5450 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, USA

September 4, 2023
  • Firemen's Relief Meeting
    6:45 pm Till: 7:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Company, 5450 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, United States




We are Happy to announce our next Gun Safe Raffle will be held live on Facebook June 5th 2023. Tickets are available for sale now! Grand prize is a GR 30 Gun Safe preloaded with 20 firearms. There are an additional 20 Firearms on the ticket as Consolation Prizes. Tickets are $20.00 each so don’t wait and get your tickets today before they are sold out! Again Drawing will be held live via Facebook on June 5th at 6pm before our Monthly Meeting. Thank you in Advance for your support and Good luck to everyone who purchases a ticket! Prize Information is included in the Picture attached. Get yours from a member or contact us at the firehouse or on Facebook for other options to purchase.



12:00 PM$5000.00 CASH335380Gerald ColemanMechanicsburg PAGreg Brammer
12:00 PM$5000.00 CASH345380Rodger EarleyPlainfield PAAndy Souder
12:05 PMBrowning A Bolt 3 300 WSM335494Alex BlaisLandisburg PAShannon Patrick
12:05 PMBrowning A Bolt 3 300 WSM345494Mindy RiderCarlisle PACliff Zeigler
12:10 PMWinchester XPR 270 WSM339273David EgolfLandisburg PABarbara Swarner
12:10 PMWinchester XPR 270 WSM349273Bryan PackerCentre Hall PA
12:15 PM$750.00 Cash33592Robert JensenCarlisle PAMichelle Black
12:15 PM$750.00 Cash34592Michael HladLowville NYMichelle Gettys
12:20 PMFusion 12 Gauge334334Tom PyrytEnola PAJohn Fleisher
12:20 PMFusion 12 Gauge344334Ed StimelingMt Holly Springs PAJeff Nelson
12:25 PMLegacy M1500 6.5 Creed331808Fred Hughes JrAshland PARichard Shoup
12:25 PMLegacy M1500 6.5 Creed341808Mike PhillipsEast Strousburg PAAndy Souder
12:30 PM$1000.00 CASH336986David KellerLoysville PABarbara Swarner
12:30 PM$1000.00 CASH346986Harry ThomanCarlisle PAMike Whitman
12:35 PMRuger American 308332158Karen KirkEtters PASharon Godshall
12:35 PMRuger American 308342158Kriss BarrickCarlisle PALori Klinger
12:40 PMCenterpoint Crossbow Kit339189Amanda JumperNewport PAMichelle Black
12:40 PMCenterpoint Crossbow Kit349189Cornelius BlokzylTowanda PACornelius Blokzyl
12:45 PM$750.00 CASH335298Bryan MorrowEnola PAShannon Patrick
12:45 PM$750.00 CASH345298Olivia ShellenbergerDover PAMarshall Collins
12:50 PMSavage 110 6.5 Creed334307Brian SteiglemanMechanicsburg PAJay Kitner
12:50 PMSavage 110 6.5 Creed344307James ForemanBlain PAStephanie Jones
12:55 PMMossberg Patriot 30-06333435Yvonne GirtonHarrisburg PAKen Wyland
12:55 PMMossberg Patriot 30-06343435Ron AughenbaughShermans Dale PAJoyce Hair
1:00 PMPolaris Sportsman 570 4x4335736Hannah CallahanEtters PAJames White
1:00 PMPolaris Sportsman 570 4x4345736Kathleen GavalaMahanoy City PA
1:05 PMDel-Ton AR331520Mark Kovach SrBrantingham NYMichelle Gettys
1:05 PMDel-Ton AR341520Sam HartMechanicsburg PADave Lenker
1:10 PMSavage 93 22WMR331126Robert SnyderEtters PAShannon Patrick
1:10 PMSavage 93 22WMR341126Sean PeltonMonroeton PAJeffrey Wilcox
1:15 PM$750.00 CASH335775Jonathon KrouckAshland PARichard Shoup
1:15 PM$750.00 CASH345775Jacob H Ebersol JrLeola PA
1:20 PMLegacy M1500 6.5 Creed331812Justin MilesAirville PAJacob Hutcheson
1:20 PMLegacy M1500 6.5 Creed341812Jeff YohnNew Kingstown PABrittany Mull
1:25 PMCenterpoint Crossbow Kit337805Rich HarrisGordon PARichard Shoup
1:25 PMCenterpoint Crossbow Kit347805Bev WisserLynchburg VAGlen Hostetler
1:30 PM$1000.00 CASH331683Brandi JonesNewville PAKen Wyland
1:30 PM$1000.00 CASH341683Scott SanabriaMechanicsburg PASherisa Nailor
1:35 PMMossberg Patriot 308333199Steven M ClouserShermans Dale PAJim Gutshall
1:35 PMMossberg Patriot 308343199Brian SnelbakerMt Wolf PADoug Kline
1:40 PMSmith & Wesson SD 40334846Tim ShermanShermans Dale PAJay Kitner
1:40 PMSmith & Wesson SD 40344846Elizabeth AllenWatertown NYRobert Allen
1:45 PM$750.00 CASH336998Jody WrightLandisburg PAJay Kitner
1:45 PM$750.00 CASH346998Dillon CuppTurbotville PAWesley LeBarron
1:50 PMSavage Axis II 24333977Scott RenningerMcClure PAJerry Shawver
1:50 PMSavage Axis II 24334977Andrew BennerShermans Dale PAGerald Gordon
1:55 PMIver Johnson 12 Gauge33375Ken KreiderLebanon PAJoel Bentsel
1:55 PMIver Johnson 12 Gauge34375Susan DeitchHarrisburg PAMike Whitman
2:00 PMPolaris Sportsman 570 4x4335926William JohnsonMohawk NYMichelle Gettys
2:00 PMPolaris Sportsman 570 4x4345926Scott HairNewburg PAJeff Nelson
2:05 PMWinchester XPR 300 WSM337703Richard CoadyHalifax PAMegan Carver
2:05 PMWinchester XPR 300 WSM347703Andrew BerkebileHarrisburg PARoger Fueger
2:10 PMSmith & Wesson M&P 15- 22339090April MoyerLandisburg PAJay Kitner
2:10 PMSmith & Wesson M&P 15- 22349090Matthew CarlsonSnow Shoe PA
2:15 PM$750.00 CASH338227N Thomas Burd JrNew Bloomfield PAJay Kitner
2:15 PM$750.00 CASH348227Shawn EckenrodeWalnut Bottom PASherisa Nailor
2:20 PMRuger American 6.5 Creed337717Philip Matthew ShawNewville PA
2:20 PMRuger American 6.5 Creed347717Ethan KlinkFairfield PABrandon Baughman
2:25 PMLegacy M1500 300 PRC333447Keith WalunasMechanicsburg PAGreg Brammer
2:25 PMLegacy M1500 300 PRC343447Janet MaxwellMechanicsburg PACara Whitman
2:30 PM$1000.00 CASH334066Michael BoyerElizabethtown PAMichelle Gettys
2:30 PM$1000.00 CASH344066Lester HarveyDucannon pAJason Brenneman
2:35 PMSavage Axis XP 6.5 Creed331302Kim FitzpatrickNew Bloomfield PATracy Muller
2:35 PMSavage Axis XP 6.5 Creed341302Jeff ShambaughThompsontown PAShawn Smeigh
2:40 PMTikka T3X 30833652Larry ShopeShermans Dale PALesa Wilson
2:40 PMTikka T3X 30834652Elwood SmithCarlisle PAMichelle Gettys
2:45 PM$750.00 CASH336998Jody WrightLandisburg PAJay Kitner
2:45 PM$750.00 CASH346998Dillon CuppTurbotville PAWesley LeBarron
2:50 PMRemington 700 ADL 308338239Kim SmithMount Wolf PAAlexander Hall
2:50 PMRemington 700 ADL 308348239Joseph JackmanBaltimore MDDebora Musselman
2:55 PMMossberg MC2 9mm33862Cody HeikesDiillsburg PAWatchroom NKFC
2:55 PMMossberg MC2 9mm34862Lynette FoltsHume NYMark McLinko
3:00 PMHustler Fastrak 22HP 54" Deck Zero Turn336571Ray SheafferShermans Dale PALesa Wilson
3:00 PMHustler Fastrak 22HP 54" Deck Zero Turn346571Craig ProperCarlisle PACliff Zeigler
3:05 PMCZ 612 12 Gauge332228Chelsea DuganYork Haven PAMichael McConnell
3:05 PMCZ 612 12 Gauge342228James MasonCarlisle PAAndy Souder
3:10 PMMossberg Patriot 270334524Brian GordonCamp Hill PAMichelle Gettys
3:10 PMMossberg Patriot 270344524Thomas UngerWiconisco PARobert Burian
3:15 PM$750.00 CASH336445Tara BiglerNewville PAJay Kitner
3:15 PM$750.00 CASH346445Michael DareEtters PAMarshall Collins
3:20 PMWeatherby Badland 6.5- 300332363Trema BenderCamp Hill PABrian Brenneman
3:20 PMWeatherby Badland 6.5- 300342363Francis RogusClarence PA
3:25 PMSavage 110 Eng 270338998Matthew SadlerDillsburg PAKen Wyland
3:25 PMSavage 110 Eng 270348998Scotty EbleCentre Hall PAGregory Minich
3:30 PM$1000.00 CASH335841Dave YoungJacob Hutcheson
3:30 PM$1000.00 CASH345841Kay ZellersNew Bloomfield PA
3:35 PMSar USA Sar 9 9mm33975Lou FazekasMechanicsburg PATed Adams
3:35 PMSar USA Sar 9 9mm34975Timothy Cramer SrCarlisle PATom Freer
3:40 PMMossberg Patriot 350332548Casey WeinreichDover PAJoel Bentsel
3:40 PMMossberg Patriot 350342548Christopher ShankDuncannon PAGregory Minich
3:45 PM$750.00 CASH336819Tom GordonCarlisle PAJim Hall
3:45 PM$750.00 CASH346819William RocuskieMechanicsburg PAAndy Souder
3:50 PMWinchester XPR 300 WSM336459Holly McManusNewville PAMichelle Gettys
3:50 PMWinchester XPR 300 WSM346459Angela CromleyTurbotville PAWesley LeBarron
3:55 PMSavage 93 17HMR33507Bryan SpeaseElliotsburg PA
3:55 PMSavage 93 17HMR34507Bill KennedyGardner PAWatchroom NKFC
4:00 PMPolaris Sportsman 570 4x4339023Todd HolmesNewport PASharon Godshall
4:00 PMPolaris Sportsman 570 4x4349023Anthony BennettGeorgetown DEBradley Whary
4:05 PMRuger American 22-250333076Christopher SnyderMechanicsburg PAChristopher Snyder
4:05 PMRuger American 22-250343076Joseph ShenkShermans Dale PAJoyce Hair
4:10 PMImpala Plus 12 Gauge337237Douglas Carr JrJay Kitner
4:10 PMImpala Plus 12 Gauge347237Cathy KlingerSacramento PACharles Bisking
4:15 PM$750.00 CASH336461Tara DorattKinzers PARichard Shoup
4:15 PM$750.00 CASH346461Alexis KohrMechanicsburg PAAndy Souder
4:20 PMLegacy M1500 6.5 Creed331190Jeff HughesEnola PAMichelle Gettys
4:20 PMLegacy M1500 6.5 Creed341190Mary KellShermans Dale PAHarvey Hockenberry
4:25 PMSpringfield XD 9 9mm3394Donna SmithYork PAMichael McConnell
4:25 PMSpringfield XD 9 9mm3494Donald BrysonMechanicsburg PADavid Berkheimer
4:30 PM$1000.00 CASH333906Matt KlopotekDuncannon PABarbara Swarner
4:30 PM$1000.00 CASH343906Cheryl PrattTowanda PACornelius Blokzyl
4:35 PMMossberg Patriot 450337056Michael GibbsYork PAJacob Hutcheson
4:35 PMMossberg Patriot 450347056John ThompsonLebanon PA
4:40 PMCenterpoint Crossbow Kit338304John RuskAshland PARichard Shoup
4:40 PMCenterpoint Crossbow Kit348304Dakota HanselHarrisburg PAWatchroom NKFC
4:45 PM$750.00 CASH331279Angie HullShermans Dale PASeria Failer
4:45 PM$750.00 CASH341279Randy EplerNew Albany PACornelius Blokzyl
4:50 PMSavage 110 6.5 Creed331303Darleen HefenfingerNew Bloomfield PAMichelle Gettys
4:50 PMSavage 110 6.5 Creed341303Dale Robertson SrMt Joy PADebora Musselman
4:55 PMCVA Scout 450338064Lisa ArmstrongMechanicsburg PAWatchroom NKFC
4:55 PMCVA Scout 450348064Deb BusserYork PAShannon Murphy
5:00 PMPolaris Sportsman 570 4x4337567Erin HunterWatertown NYMichelle Gettys
5:00 PMPolaris Sportsman 570 4x4347567Jake ArnoldNewport PATracey Clavey
5:05 PMSavage Axis II 6.5 Creed333993Ken DodsonShermans Dale PAChristopher Snyder
5:05 PMSavage Axis II 6.5 Creed343993Jeanne MarklePleasant Gap PA
5:10 PMFusion Semi 12 Gauge334842Mark Kovach SrBrantingham NYMichelle Gettys
5:10 PMFusion Semi 12 Gauge344842Randal HookerMechanicsburg PAAndrew Grove
5:15 PM$750.00 CASH336306Kerri FriendEtters PAJay Kitner
5:15 PM$750.00 CASH346306Gary HalsnikClarence PA
5:20 PMSavage 110 Hog 350337285Brenda ReisingerShermans Dale PAJay Kitner
5:20 PMSavage 110 Hog 350347285Mark McLinkoTowanda PAMark McLinko
5:25 PMSavage Axis 6.5 Creed332446Cristine AltieriMechanicsburg PABrian Brenneman
5:25 PMSavage Axis 6.5 Creed342446Matthew AdamsDillsburg PACara Whitman
5:30 PM$1000.00 CASH334246Brian RautzhanPottsville PARichard Shoup
5:30 PM$1000.00 CASH344246Richard HuppLiverpool PARobert Burian
5:35 PMMossberg Patriot 300 WM332167Lance SprenkleThomasville PAMichael McConnell
5:35 PMMossberg Patriot 300 WM342167Kevin SmileyShermans Dale PABrandon Baughman
5:40 PMGirsan TV2 9mm335294John R SmileyShermans Dale PAMichelle Black
5:40 PMGirsan TV2 9mm345294Elmer Irvin GarmanShermans Dale PATammy Morrow
5:45 PM$750.00 CASH339124Jeffrey LefeverYork PALesa Wilson
5:45 PM$750.00 CASH349124Joseph StockSummit Station PAGreta Spangler
5:50 PMCenterpoint Crossbow Kit331768Tyler DavisDillsburg PAPig Tails
5:50 PMCenterpoint Crossbow Kit341768Lisa HighlandsCarlisle PAKyle Wise
5:55 PMLegacy M1500 6.5 Creed334896Brian BesigMohawk NYMichelle Gettys
5:55 PMLegacy M1500 6.5 Creed344896Wendy BrennanNew Bloomfield PAJoyce Hair
6:00 PMPolaris Sportsman 570 4x4336594Frank BardoBloomsburg PARichard Shoup
6:00 PMPolaris Sportsman 570 4x4346594Scott BendinskyMechanicsburg PAJim Hall
6:05 PMSavage 110 Eng 6.5 Creed339099Mike MilliganCarlisle PALesa Wilson
6:05 PMSavage 110 Eng 6.5 Creed349099Thomas ClarkMexico NYTerrin Brammer
6:10 PMMossberg Patriot 6.5 Creed334257Ken ReedNew Bloomfield PAJohn Fleisher
6:10 PMMossberg Patriot 6.5 Creed344257Douglas EarhartBrownstown PADebora Musselman
6:15 PM$750.00 CASH338652Dylan StoufferChambersburg PAJay Kitner
6:15 PM$750.00 CASH348652Kacie KintnerTowanda PACornelius Blokzyl
6:20 PMSmith & Wesson MP15 22LR333664Keith StambaughMechanicsburg PAChase Pyers
6:20 PMSmith & Wesson MP15 22LR343664J Robert Heisey JrNewport PADebora Musselman
6:25 PMLegacy M1500 6.5 Creed337802Leann AdamsEnola PAMichelle Gettys
6:25 PMLegacy M1500 6.5 Creed347802Michael D StockColumbia PA
6:30 PM$1000.00 CASH335001Koby MetzLandisburg PALesa Wilson
6:30 PM$1000.00 CASH345001Cory BrianElizabeth PA
6:35 PMRuger American 6.5 Creed335014Zach BradshawMechanicsburg PARobin Toot
6:35 PMRuger American 6.5 Creed345014Cortney ShoemakerShermans Dale PAJukebox Hits
6:40 PMSavage 110 Eng 7mm337221Kathy MaderMechanicsburg PAJim Gutshall
6:40 PMSavage 110 Eng 7mm347221Roger PrucnalMechanicsburg PACliff Zeigler
6:45 PM$750.00 CASH334546Michael FryJosh Kirk
6:45 PM$750.00 CASH344546Amanda KumlerDuncannon PAKyle Wise
6:50 PMImpala Plus 12 Gauge338808Brandi BurkettNewville PAWatchroom NKFC
6:50 PMImpala Plus 12 Gauge348808Susie StonerShermans Dale PAJoyce Hair
6:55 PMLegacy M1500 308333601Mike HedstromEtters PAMichael McConnell
6:55 PMLegacy M1500 308343601Kevin MeduedManson WATrisha Wertz
7:00 PM$12,000.00 CASH335983Steve ImesMifflin PALesa Wilson
7:00 PM$12,000.00 CASH345983Mike WhitmanCarlisle PAMike Whitman

See our Events Page for more Information on these and other events.

Below is a list of calls that we have recently run.  For more Information on our Statistics Check out the Statistics Page.

Nothing from April 29, 2023 to June 29, 2023.