Based on the values and vision of our founders in 1952 

 It is the present and future goal of the Shermans Dale Community Fire Company to continue the legacy of service to others that was started by many respectable members of our community years ago.  Members are committed to increasing their fire services knowledge through training and educational courses; they place value in presenting themselves as positive role models in order to continue a trusted relationship with our citizens; and they are dedicated to conducting fundraising events which help raise needed monies to offset tax increases to our citizens. It is with continued community support and volunteerism that the Shermans Dale Volunteer Fire Company will continue to excel in our community.

Happenings around the Station include Training ,  Meetings, Fundraisers,  and other Events.  Check the EVENT page for greater detail on these and other events. You can also check our online calendar at the following link .  SDFC Public Events Calendar

August 5, 2024
  • Firemen's Relief Meeting
    6:45 pm Till: 7:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Company, 5450 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, United States

  • Fire Company Meeting
    7:00 pm Till: 9:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Co, Spring Road, Shermans Dale, PA, United States

August 14, 2024
  • Training Night
    6:00 pm Till: 7:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Company — Perry County Company 12, 5450 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, USA

September 2, 2024
  • Firemen's Relief Meeting
    6:45 pm Till: 7:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Company, 5450 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, United States

  • Fire Company Meeting
    7:00 pm Till: 9:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Co, Spring Road, Shermans Dale, PA, United States

September 7, 2024
  • Class TransCAER Pipeline Exercise
    9:00 am Till: 4:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: 5450 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, USA

September 11, 2024
  • Training Night
    6:00 pm Till: 7:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Company — Perry County Company 12, 5450 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, USA

September 21, 2024
  • Soup Festival 2024 Drive Thru Pick-up
    12:00 pm Till: 4:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Company — Perry County Company 12, 5450 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, USA

October 7, 2024
  • Firemen's Relief Meeting
    6:45 pm Till: 7:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Company, 5450 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, United States

  • Fire Company Meeting
    7:00 pm Till: 9:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Co, Spring Road, Shermans Dale, PA, United States



This year’s SOUP FESTwill be Drive Thru Pickup Only. The Event will be Saturday, September 21st,2024 from NOON till 4PM while Supplies Last. Too avoid the chances of an Early Sell Out. Please Order ahead if Possible using the Online Order Form or by calling the Fire House at 717-582-2575. We will also take orders Via Email at or Messenger here on Facebook. Only orders with Name, Good Email Address, and Phone Number will be accepted by Email or Facebook. All Containers for pickup will be provided by the Fire Company to meet food handling Standards.

The Order Menu is

Home Made Chicken Corn Soup $10 per Quart

Home Made Ham and Bean Soup $10 Per Quart

Home Made Beef Barbecue $12 Per Quart

Thank You all for Your Support.

Preorder Form can be found at



Download Winner’s List Here

DrawingTimeSeriesPrizeWinning #WinnerCitySeller
12:00:00 PM33$5000.00 CASH5847Anna HullMechanicsburg PAChristopher Snyder
12:00:00 PM34$5000.00 CASH5847Craig ProperCarlisle PADarryl Sprague
12:05:00 PM33Savage 110 Engage XP 6.5 Creed9401Annette BrownawellShermans Dale PAMichelle Gettys
12:05:00 PM34Savage 110 Engage XP 6.5 Creed9401Brad FahnestockMt Holly Springs PARoger Fueger
12:10:00 PM33Winchester XPR 2702983John WeaverCoganstation PAJason Brenneman
12:10:00 PM34Winchester XPR 2702983Lisa ArmstrongMechanicsburg PAWatchroom NKFC
12:15:00 PM33$750.00 Cash5581Alexander ShankBrowndale PAJim Gutshall
12:15:00 PM34$750.00 Cash5581Mark PeelingDover PAMarshall Collins
12:20:00 PM33Impala Plus Nero 12ga2853Angie BohlEtters PAJeff Nelson
12:20:00 PM34Impala Plus Nero 12ga2853Billy Long SrSelinsgrove PAJay Kitner
12:25:00 PM33Ruger American 30-067668Lydia ClelanMechanicsburg PATed Adams
12:25:00 PM34Ruger American 30-067668Cory DrabenstadtMechanicsburg PAKoni Hench
12:30:00 PM33$1000.00 CASH1835Todd BroutyLowville NYMichelle Gettys
12:30:00 PM34$1000.00 CASH1835William ReigleMiddletown PAMarshall Collins
12:35:00 PM33Mossberg Super Bantam 3086263Eric BieberWillow Street PA
12:35:00 PM34Mossberg Super Bantam 3086263Bryant HadbavnyBryant Hadbavny
12:40:00 PM33Savage Axis II XP 22-250140Mike MinichShermans Dale PA
12:40:00 PM34Savage Axis II XP 22-250140Heidi LinsenbauhDillsburg PAShawn Smeigh
12:45:00 PM33$750.00 CASH2939Dara CozziYork Haven PADoug Kline
12:45:00 PM34$750.00 CASH2939Shawn SmeighMechanicsburg PASponsors Sherri
12:50:00 PM33Savage Axis II XP 2435884Jeff KlineYork PAKen Wyland
12:50:00 PM34Savage Axis II XP 2435884Scott MontagYork PAJay Kitner
12:55:00 PM33Remington 783 6.5 Creed4638Mike ZitoDillsburg PATed Adams
12:55:00 PM34Remington 783 6.5 Creed4638Lauren FitzkeeLewisberry PAShannon Sprague
1:00:00 PM33Polaris Sportsman 570 4x49384Brett HeaderDuncannon PACharles Hunyady
1:00:00 PM34Polaris Sportsman 570 4x49384Gerry SheafferElliotsburg PAJay Kitner
1:05:00 PM33Smith & Wesson M&P 15 22LR3108Carol LukensHarrisburg PAShawn Rupp
1:05:00 PM34Smith & Wesson M&P 15 22LR3108Renee ConnorDuncanon PAJoyce Hair
1:10:00 PM33Winchester Super X 20 Gauge5979Jason RohrbaughMiddletown PAWatchroom NKFC
1:10:00 PM34Winchester Super X 20 Gauge5979Michele BoothsReading PABob Klinger
1:15:00 PM33$750.00 CASH3365Robert KoserCarlisle PATed Adams
1:15:00 PM34$750.00 CASH3365Ed AffeldtMt Airy MDJohn Cassel
1:20:00 PM33Legacy M1500 7mm9817Jason PittmanLebanon PALesa Wilson
1:20:00 PM34Legacy M1500 7mm9817Michele WagnerShermans Dale PAKatie Saltsburg
1:25:00 PM33Centerpoint Crossbow 430X2939Dara CozziYork Haven PADoug Kline
1:25:00 PM34Centerpoint Crossbow 430X2939Shawn SmeighMechanicsburg PASponsors Sherri
1:30:00 PM33$1000.00 CASH6625Kenneth GetzMechanicsburg PAMichelle Gettys
1:30:00 PM34$1000.00 CASH6625Matt ColePalmyra PARoger Fueger
1:35:00 PM33Savage Axis 2706942Jason DavisTamaqua PAChris Kuzio
1:35:00 PM34Savage Axis 2706942Janet MaxwellEnola PAGlen Hostetler
1:40:00 PM33Taurus G3 9MM5702David WiltTioga PACornelius Blokzyl
1:40:00 PM34Taurus G3 9MM5702Michael PettitSandy Creek NYJay Freeman
1:45:00 PM33$750.00 CASH5827Melissa WiltTioga PACornelius Blokzyl
1:45:00 PM34$750.00 CASH5827Connie SpawYork PATim Wilson
1:50:00 PM33Mossberg Super Bantam 6.5 Creed187Emily KobelMechanicsburg PATed Adams
1:50:00 PM34Mossberg Super Bantam 6.5 Creed187Robert SharpeMiddletown PAMichael Conrad
1:55:00 PM33Savage Axis XP 30-063784Mike MilliganCarlisle PALesa Wilson
1:55:00 PM34Savage Axis XP 30-063784Michael LinnaneHarrisburg PASherri Reigle
2:00:00 PM33Polaris Sportsman 570 4x43470John S BoswellMechanicsburg PACliff Zeigler
2:00:00 PM34Polaris Sportsman 570 4x43470Jonathan LebarronNorthumberland PAJonathan Lebarron
2:05:00 PM33Remington 783 3805738Dean WalterMiddleburg PAChristopher Snyder
2:05:00 PM34Remington 783 3805738Austin CarpenterHershey PAGregory Minich
2:10:00 PM33High-Point 45 Auto Carbine4214Robert Arnold JrNewville PABill Wyland
2:10:00 PM34High-Point 45 Auto Carbine4214Ryan FerryChambersburg PAGreg Brammer
2:15:00 PM33$750.00 CASH8156Dawn FarnerMechanicsburg PATed Adams
2:15:00 PM34$750.00 CASH8156Myles WadlingerEnola PATerrin Brammer
2:20:00 PM33Iver Johnson 12 Gauge2292Jereme CalamanCarlisle PAMichelle Berkheimer
2:20:00 PM34Iver Johnson 12 Gauge2292Jon BangeHanover PADoug Kline
2:25:00 PM33Savage Axis XP 22-2507245Ed BridgeShermans Dale PAMichelle Gettys
2:25:00 PM34Savage Axis XP 22-2507245George VuceticLebanon PARenee Degler
2:30:00 PM33$1000.00 CASH9954Maria BickleHarrisburg PAPhilip Crea
2:30:00 PM34$1000.00 CASH9954Heather FlanneryMillersburg PAWatchroom NKFC
2:35:00 PM33Mossberg Patriot 350 Legend5757Jeremy SmithDillsburg PAWatchroom NKFC
2:35:00 PM34Mossberg Patriot 350 Legend5757Clarence MansbergerYork Haven PAJosh Baney
2:40:00 PM33Remington 783 300 Win Mag4040Earl M Rentz SrMillsboro DEDoug Kuhn
2:40:00 PM34Remington 783 300 Win Mag4040Cherish StroebeleBernville PABob Klinger
2:45:00 PM33$750.00 CASH6400Kenneth MorrellIckesburg PAMichelle Gettys
2:45:00 PM34$750.00 CASH6400Shane PatrickAnnville PAKeegan Toot
2:50:00 PM33Savage 93G 22 WMR82Larry BeamCleona PAChristopher Snyder
2:50:00 PM34Savage 93G 22 WMR82Scot K BrownLebanon PABob Klinger
2:55:00 PM33Ruger MAX9 9mm212Brandon YoungYork PALesa Wilson
2:55:00 PM34Ruger MAX9 9mm212William SawyerMechanicsburg PAAndy Souder
3:00:00 PM33Hustler Fastrak 22HP 54" Deck Zero Turn Mower6464Bob EtterMechanicsburg PABill Wyland
3:00:00 PM34Hustler Fastrak 22HP 54" Deck Zero Turn Mower6464Rodney BenderDillsburg PaSusan Hostetler
3:05:00 PM33Impala Plus Greenblued 12 Gauge2978Travis MeissColumbia PACurt Heckler
3:05:00 PM34Impala Plus Greenblued 12 Gauge2978Michelle KitnerShermans Dale PA
3:10:00 PM33Savage Axis XP 7mm-084785Mike ZimmermanMarysville PALesa Wilson
3:10:00 PM34Savage Axis XP 7mm-084785Cara WhitmanCarlisle PACara Whitman
3:15:00 PM33$750.00 CASH8340Scott RombergerCarlisle PAChristopher Snyder
3:15:00 PM34$750.00 CASH8340Michael CuphertMiddletown PATrisha Wertz
3:20:00 PM33Mossberg Patriot 6.5 Creed7800Penny WarfelYork PAChristopher Zeigler
3:20:00 PM34Mossberg Patriot 6.5 Creed7800Ryan McEwenMechanicsburg PAGerald Steigleman
3:25:00 PM33Savage Axis XP SS 2708568Michelle WilliardHerndon PAChristopher Snyder
3:25:00 PM34Savage Axis XP SS 2708568Zach GrossMechanicsburg PASusan Hostetler
3:30:00 PM33$1000.00 CASH432Eric ClancyMechanicsburg PACurt Heckler
3:30:00 PM34$1000.00 CASH432Jay BarleyLeola PASponsors Sherri
3:35:00 PM33Charter Arms 38 Special4056Trevor BaimDillsburg PABill Wyland
3:35:00 PM34Charter Arms 38 Special4056Ashley GieskiDillsburg PAKoni Hench
3:40:00 PM33Savage Axis XP 3083046Tim StrasbaughMechanicsburg PASherisa Nailor
3:40:00 PM34Savage Axis XP 3083046Peter MersonLaurel MDJohn Cassel
3:45:00 PM33$750.00 CASH9068Kevin Sheriff, JrCarlisle PAJim Gutshall
3:45:00 PM34$750.00 CASH9068Seth MilesNew Freedom PAJacob Hutcheson
3:50:00 PM33Remington 783 300 Win Mag9874Jim HummelHalifax PACliff Zeigler
3:50:00 PM34Remington 783 300 Win Mag9874Dennis ShuppBernville PABob Klinger
3:55:00 PM33Smith & Wesson M&P 15 22 Sport8210Vicki BrownNorth Cambria PAMary Kell
3:55:00 PM34Smith & Wesson M&P 15 22 Sport8210Patricia Ann ScheigHoney Grove PAShannon Sprague
4:00:00 PM33Polaris Sportsman 570 4x45402Dustin OrrisLandisburg PANicholas Burian
4:00:00 PM34Polaris Sportsman 570 4x45402Dirks KoserBlain PAJoyce Hair
4:05:00 PM33Winchester SXP 12 gauge6845Wayne CerzulloHarrisburg PAPhilip Crea
4:05:00 PM34Winchester SXP 12 gauge6845Kyle FronkMt Holly Springs PAJoyce Hair
4:10:00 PM33Mossberg Patriot 7mm PRC5449Jeremy NoelEast Berlin PABill Wyland
4:10:00 PM34Mossberg Patriot 7mm PRC5449Tammy LettermanEtters PATodd Martin
4:15:00 PM33$750.00 CASH9246Donna HoopengardnerDover PAJean Ann Brenneman
4:15:00 PM34$750.00 CASH9246Alex FryMillerstown PAJay Kitner
4:20:00 PM33Ruger American 6.5 Creed7287Joshua WashburnElizabeth PACurt Heckler
4:20:00 PM34Ruger American 6.5 Creed7287Paul ZimmermanPine Grove PASherri Reigle
4:25:00 PM33Savage Axis II XP2705890Michelle GettysShermans Dale PAMichelle Gettys
4:25:00 PM34Savage Axis II XP2705890Robert RussoliMechanicsburg PACurt Hall
4:30:00 PM33$1000.00 CASH1808Barb DietchMechanicsburg PAMike Whitman
4:30:00 PM34$1000.00 CASH1808Tony DeguiseppiWindsor PASusan Hostetler
4:35:00 PM33Taurus G3 9MM909Steve JarabakMechanicsburg PaMike Whitman
4:35:00 PM34Taurus G3 9MM909Chris NessDover PATerrin Brammer
4:40:00 PM33Remington 783 30-067797Charlotte LittleMechanicsburg PAChase Pyers
4:40:00 PM34Remington 783 30-063221Dewey CalhounEtters PAJacob Hutcheson
4:45:00 PM33$750.00 CASH2816Kenneth AppersonHummelstown PABill Wyland
4:45:00 PM34$750.00 CASH2816Stacey FoltzMechanicsburg PACara Whitman
4:50:00 PM33Tri-Star Viper G2 Turkey 12 Gauge304Earl HeaderAshland PACharles Hunyady
4:50:00 PM34Tri-Star Viper G2 Turkey 12 Gauge304Dan ChapinCarlisle PAAndy Souder
4:55:00 PM33Mossberg patriot 6.5 Creed6633Ethan MansfieldBoiling Springs PADenise Palmer
4:55:00 PM34Mossberg patriot 6.5 Creed6633Steven MummaShermans Dale PAJay Kitner
5:00:00 PM33Polaris Sportsman 570 4x43264Veronica LefeverSteelton PADoug Kline
5:00:00 PM34Polaris Sportsman 570 4x43264Miranda RobbinsMuncy PAJonathan Lebarron
5:05:00 PM33Savage Axis 22-2507111Scott ShafferMiddletown PANicholas Burian
5:05:00 PM34Savage Axis 22-2507111Carol SyringLandisburg PARick Jones
5:10:00 PM33Savage Axis XP 350 Legend3699Michael ShambaughCarlisle PAJeff Nelson
5:10:00 PM34Savage Axis XP 350 Legend3699Kriss BarrickCarlisle PARoger Fueger
5:15:00 PM33$750.00 CASH4640Jim PalmerLoysville PA
5:15:00 PM34$750.00 CASH4640Dave ShughartNew Kingstown PADarryl Sprague
5:20:00 PM33Remington 783 2707430April KreapsGardners PAJeff Nelson
5:20:00 PM34Remington 783 2707430Megan WillardEtters PAShannon Sprague
5:25:00 PM33Savage Mod A 22 FNS8035Allen JohnsonNew Bloomfield PALesa Wilson
5:25:00 PM34Savage Mod A 22 FNS8035Ron AugenbaughShermans Dale PAJoyce Hair
5:30:00 PM33$1000.00 CASH1639Emily RickroadCarlisle PASherisa Nailor
5:30:00 PM34$1000.00 CASH1639Thomas HildebrandYork PAWilliam Craze
5:35:00 PM33Impala Plus Bottomland 12 Gauge2814Timothy PepperMonroeton PACornelius Blokzyl
5:35:00 PM34Impala Plus Bottomland 12 Gauge2814Eva ShultzShermans Dale PAJay Kitner
5:40:00 PM33Savage Axis XP 7mm 082553Joe ResslerMechanicsburg PACurt Heckler
5:40:00 PM34Savage Axis XP 7mm 082553Brandon BaylorNorthumberland PATom Freer
5:45:00 PM33$750.00 CASH8288Ashley ReeseMechanicsburg PATed Adams
5:45:00 PM34$750.00 CASH8288Reba RussoAuburn PAKeegan Toot
5:50:00 PM33Centerpoint Crossbow Kit3683Emily KirkBoiling Springs PADan Kirk
5:50:00 PM34Centerpoint Crossbow Kit3683Zachary BilgerCarlisle PAKoni Hench
5:55:00 PM33Remington 783 3082959Troy SnyderNew Bloomfield PATracey Clavey
5:55:00 PM34Remington 783 3082959Polly FieldsSurfside SCShannon Sprague
6:00:00 PM33Polaris Sportsman 570 4x42172Boyd BrownPort Royal PABill Wyland
6:00:00 PM34Polaris Sportsman 570 4x42172Sandra McMasterMechanicsburg PAAndy Souder
6:05:00 PM33Smith & Wesson MP15 22 Sport3162Stephen MartinWatchroom NKFC
6:05:00 PM34Smith & Wesson MP15 22 Sport3162Bryce ConsylmanLandisville PAJay Kitner
6:10:00 PM33Mossberg Patriot 6.5 Creed5592Paula KostickDillsburg PAChase Pyers
6:10:00 PM34Mossberg Patriot 6.5 Creed5592Brian ClaytonDillsburg PAJim Hall
6:15:00 PM33$750.00 CASH5702David WiltTioga PACornelius Blokzyl
6:15:00 PM34$750.00 CASH1088Kevin MonroeMechanicsburg PAJay Kitner
6:20:00 PM33Girsan MC28 9mm122Ronald WeaverMechanicsburg PAMichelle Gettys
6:20:00 PM34Girsan MC28 9mm122Jerry ColemanCarlisle PAAndy Souder
6:25:00 PM33CZ 612 Mag Turkey 12 Gauge1835Todd BroutyLowville NYMichelle Gettys
6:25:00 PM34CZ 612 Mag Turkey 12 Gauge1835William ReigleMiddletown PAMarshall Collins
6:30:00 PM33$1000.00 CASH973Terrin Brammer
6:30:00 PM34$1000.00 CASH973Cole WertzShermans Dale PATrisha Wertz
6:35:00 PM33Savage Axis II 2438840Travis MeissColumbia PACurt Heckler
6:35:00 PM34Savage Axis II 2438840josreph zaharickMt. Carmel PATerrin Brammer
6:40:00 PM33Remington 783 7mm7060Lisa PestaLebanon PABill Wyland
6:40:00 PM34Remington 783 7mm7060Scott SheplerMechanicsburg PAMichael Gutshall
6:45:00 PM33$750.00 CASH6959Barbara LakeShade Gap PAWayne Godshall
6:45:00 PM34$750.00 CASH6959Eleanor ColemanMechanicsburg PAShawn Smeigh
6:50:00 PM33Savage Axis XP 6.5 Creed7343Gary AuxtDincannon PAJackie Brammer
6:50:00 PM34Savage Axis XP 6.5 Creed7343Rosa SanchezYork PAJacob Hutcheson
6:55:00 PM33Remington Patriot 350 Legend1387Nickolas MillerLancaster PA
6:55:00 PM34Remington Patriot 350 Legend1387Harrison MillerHummelstown PAJay Kitner
7:00:00 PM33$12,000.00 CASH4156Tom WilliamsNew Cumberland PAJohnny Wurster
7:00:00 PM34$12,000.00 CASH4156Sheyanne StrawserYork PAJacob Hutcheson


See our Events Page for more Information on these and other events.

Below is a list of calls that we have recently run.  For more Information on our Statistics Check out the Statistics Page.

Nothing from June 22, 2024 to August 22, 2024.