Based on the values and vision of our founders in 1952 

 It is the present and future goal of the Shermans Dale Community Fire Company to continue the legacy of service to others that was started by many respectable members of our community years ago.  Members are committed to increasing their fire services knowledge through training and educational courses; they place value in presenting themselves as positive role models in order to continue a trusted relationship with our citizens; and they are dedicated to conducting fundraising events which help raise needed monies to offset tax increases to our citizens. It is with continued community support and volunteerism that the Shermans Dale Volunteer Fire Company will continue to excel in our community.

Happenings around the Station include Training ,  Meetings, Fundraisers,  and other Events.  Check the EVENT page for greater detail on these and other events. You can also check our online calendar at the following link .  SDFC Public Events Calendar

June 30, 2019
  • 15TH Annual Perry County Auto Meet
    9:00 am Till: 4:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Lupfer's Grove & Campground, 5800 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, United States

July 1, 2019
  • Fire Company Meeting
    7:00 pm Till: 9:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Co, Spring Road, Shermans Dale, PA, United States

July 9, 2019
August 5, 2019
  • Fire Company Meeting
    7:00 pm Till: 9:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Co, Spring Road, Shermans Dale, PA, United States

August 13, 2019
September 2, 2019
  • Fire Company Meeting
    7:00 pm Till: 9:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Co, Spring Road, Shermans Dale, PA, United States

September 10, 2019
October 7, 2019
  • Fire Company Meeting
    7:00 pm Till: 9:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Co, Spring Road, Shermans Dale, PA, United States

October 8, 2019
November 4, 2019
  • Fire Company Meeting
    7:00 pm Till: 9:00 pm ...More details...
    Location: Shermans Dale Fire Co, Spring Road, Shermans Dale, PA, United States







TimePrizeSeriesWinning #NameCitySeller
12:00$5000 Cash34588Charlie Miller JrShermans Dale PAMike Minich
12:00$5000 Cash33588Dutch SmithShermans Dale PA
12:05Tikka T3 7mm343958Bob YoungMechanicsburg PAMichelle Gettys
12:05Tikka T3 7mm333958Kevin HostetterCleona PAMichelle Gettys
12:10Savage III 270343519Everett ShoaffDillsburg PAJim Hall
12:10Savage III 270333519Rob ScharfHillsboro OHBridget Kitzmiller
12:15$750 Cash34607Wendell KennedyYork Springs PARobin Toot
12:15$750 Cash33607Paula SgrinoliEnola PA
12:20Mossberg 535 12 ga34884Susan ShorbDallastown PA
12:20Mossberg 535 12 ga33884Jeffery LaughmanBoiling Springs PATodd Umbrell
12:25Smith & Wesson M&P15 .2234245John B SwarnerShermans Dale PABarbara Swarner
12:25Smith & Wesson M&P15 .2233245Larry MorganNKFC
12:30$1000 Cash345087Joseph Arnold IIIMechanicsburg PADoug Kuhn
12:30$1000 Cash335087Holly KitnerMarysville PA
12:35Ruger SR 9mm(Pistol)344982Joy MagdeburgAshland PANKFC
12:35Ruger SR 9mm(Pistol)334982David NewmanMilesburg PABrian Packer
12:40TC Compass 7MM344774John McMasterSnow Shoe PABrian Packer
12:40TC Compass 7MM334774Mike MauryDuncannon PANKFC
12:45$750 Cash346198Betty WisemanWashington Boro PABrian Packer
12:45$750 Cash336198Brad HarrisLykens PAPigtails
12:50Remington Exp 12ga346394Justin OrnigMillerstown PAMatthew Kirk
12:50Remington Exp 12ga336394Mike NickeyNewville PAMike Whitman
12:55Barnett Edge (Crossbow)347107Clayton EarlyHarrisburg PADuane Keller
12:55Barnett Edge (Crossbow)337107Michael ShellehamerEast Berlin PACliff Zeigler
13:00Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4348892Garret PiperCarlisle PA
13:00Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4338892Charlie BiskingHalifax PAChristian Betz
13:05Mossberg Patriot 27034347Kirk McAdamsCamp Hill PA
13:05Mossberg Patriot 27033347Debra R SheibleyNew Bloomfield PASDFC
13:10Remington 783 7mm343917Zachary BairManchester PA
13:10Remington 783 7mm333917Amy RoutsonMechanicsburg PAJim Gutshall
13:15$750 Cash341020Carol StockSummit Station PABob Klinger
13:15$750 Cash331020Herbert J Sheibley JrNew Bloomfield PASDFC
13:20Savage Axis 22-250344160Justin MisalColumbia PABrian Packer
13:20Savage Axis 22-250334160Danny Hite JrCarlisle PADale Kuhn
13:25Weatherby VGD 22-250341480Emily RichcreekMechanicsburg PA
13:25Weatherby VGD 22-250331480Derek HortonRome PACornelius Blokzyl
13:30$1000 Cash345768Marty StoneLoysville PAFrances Pugh
13:30$1000 Cash335768nathaniel GroupLandisburg PA
13:35Savage 93R17 17HMR343544Rodger WitmerMechanicsburg PADuane Keller
13:35Savage 93R17 17HMR333544Timothy SpencerDuncannon PAKathy Williams
13:40Remington 783 243344938Dennis HoutzCamp Hill PA
13:40Remington 783 243334938Kevin MeekMillville PATina Minich
13:45$750 Cash342706JoAnn MentzerMechanicsburg PATed Adams
13:45$750 Cash332706Ruth BrouseDewart PAKathy Williams
13:50Ruger American 22-250348725William Hutcheson JrMilton PAJake Hutcheson
13:50Ruger American 22-250338725Robert RagerMechanicsburg PAKen Wyland
13:55Mossberg 500 12ga346114Jess GlotfelterShermans Dale PA
13:55Mossberg 500 12ga336114Devan DunckerYork PANKFC
14:00Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4342014Blaine WardPainted Post NYCornelius Blokzyl
14:00Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4332014Kyle ReeserMt Holly Springs PAJosh Baney
14:05Remington 783 7mm341220Drew ThornBlain PAFrances Pugh
14:05Remington 783 7mm331220Scott ShadleElizabethville PA
14:10Ruger GP161 357 mag Pistol342493Malissa SheibleyHarrisburg PA
14:10Ruger GP161 357 mag Pistol332493Don KeenWrightville PAStephanie Jones
14:15$750 Cash342486Donald E BarlupNewport PAMitch Robb
14:15$750 Cash332486Raymond Toney JrKingston PA
14:20Savage II 6.5 Creed345301James P HooperDillsburg PA
14:20Savage II 6.5 Creed335301Dara ReaderYork Haven PAMarshall Collins
14:25Weatherby VGD 270343033Carol SyringLandisburg PA
14:25Weatherby VGD 270333033Jessica GasperHarrisburg PADave Wevodau
14:30$1000 Cash34841Brian GrahamCarlisle PATom Wilson
14:30$1000 Cash33841Terah MayDuncannon PAJason Brenneman
14:35Remington 7 Pred 22-25134777Kevin McBrideShiremanstown PAJess Fritz
14:35Remington 7 Pred 22-25033777Bob HanerLewisberry PADale Kuhn
14:40Savage 10 6.5 Creed343744Kelly ShoemakerMt Bethel PANKFC
14:40Savage 10 6.5 Creed333744Marjorie BurdNewport PAMary Kell
14:45$750 Cash348772Shawn KirkBoilings Springs PAMatthew Kirk
14:45$750 Cash338772Charles WallickYork PANKFC
14:50Savage Axis 308349637Clair E McMillenLoysville PAMike Minich
14:50Savage Axis 308339637Timothy WeaverCogan Station PAJason Brenneman
14:55Tikka T3 243349047Brandi ToddNew Bloomfield PATim Sherman
14:55Tikka T3 243339047Steph SmithHarrisburg PANKFC
15:00Hustler Fastrak SDX 54" Zeroturn Mower341534Derik KlingerHalifax PAMichelle Gettys
15:00Hustler Fastrak SDX 54" Zeroturn Mower331534Tom MullenDanville PA
15:05Remington 870 Exp 12ga347337Frederick C DaleMifflinburg PAMichelle Gettys
15:05Remington 870 Exp 12ga337337Lynne MorinTriangle VABrian Packer
15:10Barnett Edge (Crossbow)346943Paul ReichShermans Dale PABarbara Swarner
15:10Barnett Edge (Crossbow)336943Kevin SnyderLoysville PA
15:15$750 Cash345520John EckertDover PADottie Shatto
15:15$750 Cash335520Brian HaferPine Grove PA
15:20Mossberg Patriot 30834308Bobby SnyderYork Haven PAShannon Patrick
15:20Mossberg Patriot 30833308Bob KarperMechanicsburg PA
15:25Smith & Wesson M&P15 .22346495Nikki BollingerCarlisle PAMichelle Gettys
15:25Smith & Wesson M&P15 .22336495Melissa HombergerCogan Station PATyler Kitner
15:30$1000 Cash342315Steve MarquisAshburn VABrian Packer
15:30$1000 Cash332315Ben KirkShermans Dale PABen Kirk
15:35Savage Axis 270343370Cara WhitmanCarlisle PAGlen Hostetler
15:35Savage Axis 270333370William A CrazeLuzerne PAMatthew Smith
15:40Remington 783 7mm344509Brittany MillerCarlisle PA
15:40Remington 783 7mm334509Pamela MateerNew Cumberland PAJim White
15:45$750 Cash343689Hector Arbelo JrStroudsburg PASue Ackerman
15:45$750 Cash333689Cory DunckerYork PANKFC
15:50TC 7mm 08344616Thomas J TothEtters PAMike Knipple
15:50TC 7mm 08334616Larry WilsonMiddletown PACork Hertzler
15:55Remington 783 308347531Terry L ChilsonTowanda PACornelius Blokzyl
15:55Remington 783 308337531Dan HouserCarlisle PATodd Umbrell
16:00Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4342246Anthony BartelsLoysville PASam Lowe
16:00Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4332246Carmen FickesNew Bloomfield PATrisha Wertz
16:05Mossberg 500 12ga34691Loren BachmanBrian Packer
16:05Mossberg 500 12ga33691Jon ShrawlerNew Bloomfield PA
16:10Ruger American 270341698Victoria ShulerYork Haven PA
16:10Ruger American 270331698Patrick CooverCarlisle PA
16:15$750 Cash345882R Samuel LongZephyrhills FL
16:15$750 Cash335882Larry KlinedinstDover PANKFC
16:20Savage Axis 270342215Matt SouderCarlisle PA
16:20Savage Axis 270332215John McCartneyCarlisle PADave Hammaker
16:25Ruger SR 9mm(Pistol)34505Dorothy L BaerShermans Dale PAKen Baer
16:25Ruger SR 9mm(Pistol)33505Raymond Roy JrDuncannon PAMary Baughman
16:30$1000 Cash349202Stacy PowleyEnola PAGlen Hostetler
16:30$1000 Cash339202Scott RishellHarrisburg PAMarshall Collins
16:35Remington 783 300 Win344076Susan AckermanStroudsburg PASue Ackerman
16:35Remington 783 300 Win334076Jason WoodringLandisburg PAJason Woodring
16:40Mossberg Patriot 243348186Mandy EmerichLebanon PA
16:40Mossberg Patriot 243338186Ron MillerDowningtown PAJosh Miller
16:45$750 Cash349687Aaron AnglemyerStroudsburg PA
16:45$750 Cash339687Matthew SnyderPlainfield PAAdam Zimmerman
16:50Savage 11 6.5 Creed342587Michael FosterLebanon PA
16:50Savage 11 6.5 Creed332587Wayne R ChapmanWyalusing PA
16:55Remington 783 308347430Hunter WhitcombNew Bloomfield PADuane Keller
16:55Remington 783 308337430Jerry ShewShippensburg PANKFC
17:00Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4345697Jeff CummingsLancaster PA
17:00Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4335697James DriggersStafford VABrian Packer
17:05Remington 870 Exp 12ga34173Sandra ZelonisMahanoy City PA
17:05Remington 870 Exp 12ga33173Nathan ZeiglerLandisburg PACliff Zeigler
17:10Weatherby VGD 6.5cm347113Jade EcijaMechanicsburg PAChris Snyder
17:10Weatherby VGD 6.5cm337113Danny Hite JrCarlisle PADale Kuhn
17:15$750 Cash343852Craig SpahrEast Berlin PATina Bollinger
17:15$750 Cash333852Charles BroughMt Holly Springs PANKFC
17:20Savage Axis 30-06342873Nancy WilsonCarlisle PATom Wilson
17:20Savage Axis 30-06332873Butch ArcherHarbeson DEAdam Zimmerman
17:25Barnett Edge (Crossbow)343213Byron OlenskiNewport PACole Wertz
17:25Barnett Edge (Crossbow)333213EJ InschoMechanicsburg PATed Adams
17:30$1000 Cash341741Linda A DengleThe Villages FL
17:30$1000 Cash331741Ray RiceSandy Creek NYNKFC
17:35Smith & Wesson M&P15 .22342925Larry MillerTurbotville PA
17:35Smith & Wesson M&P15 .22332925Robert BittingerDauphin PABrandon Baughman
17:40Savage M11 22-250348282Nikki BollingerCarlisle PAMichelle Gettys
17:40Savage M11 22-250338282Fred NolteTowanda PACornelius Blokzyl
17:45$750 Cash342168Harold D BowersCamp Hill PAMichelle Gettys
17:45$750 Cash332168Deanna GibbsYork PAKevin Heltebridle
17:50Mossberg Patriot 7mm-08343412Chris HindsChambersburg PABrian Foster
17:50Mossberg Patriot 7mm-08333412Mark RhoadesCarlisle PA
17:55Remington 870 12ga347941Larry LehmanLandisburg PAMike Minich
17:55Remington 870 12ga337941Frank Paul Jr.Ashland PAMike Harris
18:00Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4343306Susan BurnsAshland PACurt Hall
18:00Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4333306Chad ShafferLebanon PAKen Kreider
18:05Savage 93R17 17HMR347366Brian HamiltonCarlisle PAChase Quirk
18:05Savage 93R17 17HMR337366Mike McGrawGreenfield Twp PACornelius Blokzyl
18:10Mossberg 535 12ga348519Brian SnelbakerMt Wolf PADoug Kline
18:10Mossberg 535 12ga338519Dennis MorganTroy PACornelius Blokzyl
18:15$750 Cash349970Brian SeidersMiddletown PARobin Toot
18:15$750 Cash339970Andrew YoungHuntingdon PA
18:20Ruger GP161 357 Mag Pistol341673Gerald KitnerNew Bloomfield PAMike Minich
18:20Ruger GP161 357 Mag Pistol331673Mike PattersonTowanda PACornelius Blokzyl
18:25Remington 7 Pred 243348582Tammy BlyskaiDuncannon PA
18:25Remington 7 Pred 243338582Matt HartzellMechanicsburg PASteve Crockett
18:30$1000 Cash343357Robbie D. BowmanYork PA
18:30$1000 Cash333357Glen HostetlerMechanicsburg PAGlen Hostetler
18:35Savage 10 22-25134523Dick RiderPort Matilda PABrian Packer
18:35Savage 10 22-25033523Sallie NailorEnola PABrenda Anderson
18:40Savage Axis 243349870Devon LaBarronTurbotville PA
18:40Savage Axis 243339870Scott HudsonMahanoy City PABrian Reed
18:45$750 Cash346828Janel JonesEnola PAShannon Patrick
18:45$750 Cash336828Amy ShenkShermans Dale PASDFC
18:50Remington 783 270344901Theodore W InchMiddletown PAMichelle Gettys
18:50Remington 783 270334901Kelly ForlizziElliottsburg PA
18:55Tikka T3 270347036Jennifer ApeMechanicsburg PANKFC
18:55Tikka T3 270337036Russell Brooks, JrCarlisle PAStanley Gregg
19:00$12000 Cash or Kioti CS2210 4X4 Tractor with 48" loader and 60" Mower344892Byran SpeaseElliotsburg PABrenda Reisinger
19:00$12000 Cash or Kioti CS2210 4X4 Tractor with 48" loader and 60" Mower334892Steven R GouseNewport PA




See our Events Page for more Information on these and other events.

Below is a list of calls that we have recently run.  For more Information on our Statistics Check out the Statistics Page.

May 28, 2019
  • Wire down on Bus Spring Township
    4:00 pm Till: 5:50 pm ...More details...
    Location: Pisgah Road & Bower Road, Spring Township, PA 17090

May 29, 2019
  • Tree on Roadway Carroll Township
    5:11 pm Till: 5:40 pm ...More details...
    Location: 345 Old State Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, USA

May 31, 2019
  • Auto Accident Carroll Township
    10:22 pm Till: 11:20 pm ...More details...
    Location: 5805 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, USA

June 1, 2019
  • Auto Accident Carroll Township
    12:08 pm Till: 12:20 pm ...More details...
    Location: 5280 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, USA

June 5, 2019
  • Auto Accident Carroll Township
    1:21 am Till: 2:20 am ...More details...
    Location: 920 Windy Hill Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, USA

  • Vehicle Fire Carroll Township
    4:04 pm Till: 4:45 pm ...More details...
    Location: 5280 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, USA

  • Wires down with fire. Carroll Township
    5:58 pm Till: 6:30 pm ...More details...
    Location: 905 Mountainview Road, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, USA

June 8, 2019
  • Auto Accident Carroll Township
    2:31 pm Till: 4:15 pm ...More details...
    Location: 6230 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA 17090, USA

June 9, 2019
  • Mulch Fire Middlesex Township
    2:16 pm Till: 2:40 pm ...More details...
    Location: 40.2838986, -77.0923305

June 15, 2019
  • Auto Accident Carroll Township
    2:12 am Till: 4:05 am ...More details...
    Location: 846 Pine Hill Rd, Duncannon, PA 17020, USA