February 2023

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  • Firemen's Relief Meeting
  • Fire Company Meeting
  • Training Night
  • Monthly Meat Raffle February


  This Year’s Winter Meat Raffle schedule is.

OCTOBER 20TH, 2022


 DECEMBER 15TH, 2022

 JANUARY 19TH, 2023

 FEBRUARY 16TH, 2023

 MARCH 16TH, 2023

 APRIL 20TH, 2023

  Doors open @ 6 PM Raffle Starts at 7 PM  

  FREE meal to all players!!  

  Come out and enjoy wonderful food and have a fun family experience!!!!  

  18 Rounds with 2 Specials  

  Chances on Special Meat Boxes and Door Prizes.

 Come out and Support Shermans Dale Community Fire Company at OUR monthly Meat Raffles running from October to April. All Players get a Free Meal.   Raffles are held the 3rd Thursday of every month from October thru April.  Doors open at 6PM and Raffle starts at 7PM.  18 Rounds with 2 Specials.  Chances on Special Meat Boxes and Door Prizes. Small Games of Chance every event.  Each round is $1 except for the specials which are $2.  Come out for some family fun and fill that freezer. Hope to see you all there. 



 JUNE 5TH 2023   

We are Happy to announce our next Gun Safe Raffle will be held live on Facebook June 5th 2023. Tickets are available for sale now! Grand prize is a GR 30 Gun Safe preloaded with 20 firearms. There are an additional 20 Firearms on the ticket as Consolation Prizes. Tickets are $20.00 each so don’t wait and get your tickets today before they are sold out! Again Drawing will be held live via Facebook on June 5th at 6pm before our Monthly Meeting. Thank you in Advance for your support and Good luck to everyone who purchases a ticket! Prize Information is included in the Picture attached. Get yours from a member or contact us at the firehouse or on Facebook for other options to purchase.



May 7th 2022 Super Raffle Winner’s List

2022 Winner’s List PDF Link

DrawingTimeSeriesPrizeWinning #WinnerCity
12:00:00 PM33$5000.00 CASH3320Kaila GironVirginia Beach VA
12:00:00 PM34$5000.00 CASH3320Jacob LautsbaughCarlisle PA
12:05:00 PM33Weatherby VDG Green 6.5 Creedmore8543Zach ScmidtDillsburg PA
12:05:00 PM34Weatherby VDG Green 6.5 Creedmore8543Lesia MetalloDillsburg PA
12:10:00 PM33Remington Model 7 Pred 22-2501840Kendra WaltersMechanicsburg PA
12:10:00 PM34Remington Model 7 Pred 22-2501840Reginald AtkinsonCarlisle PA
12:15:00 PM33$750.00 Cash1187Samantha MurnyackClarence PA
12:15:00 PM34$750.00 Cash1187Cole WertzShermans Dale PA
12:20:00 PM33Impala Plus Nero 12ga814Heidi CasselAnnville PA
12:20:00 PM34Impala Plus Nero 12ga814Kevin DavenportSt Clair PA
12:25:00 PM33Savage Axis 2709447Ryan GreeneCarlisle PA
12:25:00 PM34Savage Axis 2709447Joey SweitzerReading PA
12:30:00 PM33$1000.00 CASH4849Daniel WhetzelEnola PA
12:30:00 PM34$1000.00 CASH4849Nikki SheafferMechanicsburg PA
12:35:00 PM33Mossberg Patriot 450 Bushmaster7822Robert JellisonBumpass VA
12:35:00 PM34Mossberg Patriot 450 Bushmaster7822Amber SmithShermans Dale PA
12:40:00 PM33Centerpoint Crossbow Kit2230Kasey ShenkLandisburg PA
12:40:00 PM34Centerpoint Crossbow Kit2230Rick BottsNorthumberland PA
12:45:00 PM33$750.00 CASH5184Arik LeotaSteelton PA
12:45:00 PM34$750.00 CASH5184Jared PowellNew Holland PA
12:50:00 PM33Savage Axis II XP 6.5 Creedmore9036Stanford ShultzHigh Springs FL
12:50:00 PM34Savage Axis II XP 6.5 Creedmore9036Wade TuckeyGardners PA
12:55:00 PM33Sar USA Sar 9 9mm8740William NelsonCorning NY
12:55:00 PM34Sar USA Sar 9 9mm8740Steven YorkNewport PA
1:00:00 PM33Polaris Sportsman 570 4x47986Rich GreeneMechanicsburg PA
1:00:00 PM34Polaris Sportsman 570 4x47986Michael FaustSchuylkill Haven PA
1:05:00 PM33S&W M&P 15 Sport w/Dot 22LR9594Max CriderCarlisle PA
1:05:00 PM34S&W M&P 15 Sport w/Dot 22LR9594Cody SnyderElizabethville PA
1:10:00 PM33Mossberg 500 Combo 20ga4047Jackie BrammerMechanicsburg PA
1:10:00 PM34Mossberg 500 Combo 20ga4047Brad WaltersCarlisle PA
1:15:00 PM33$750.00 CASH881Justin McKeeShermans Dale PA
1:15:00 PM34$750.00 CASH881William GrayMarysville PA
1:20:00 PM33Savage Axis II XP 3085713Drew RyanMechanicsburg PA
1:20:00 PM34Savage Axis II XP 3085713Daron DibertWarriors Mark PA
1:25:00 PM33Wicked Ridge Crossbow3117Craig SledzinskiLandisburg PA
1:25:00 PM34Wicked Ridge Crossbow3117Barbara ClarkShermans Dale PA
1:30:00 PM33$1000.00 CASH4635Noah FosterNewville PA
1:30:00 PM34$1000.00 CASH4635Cody NutterWernersville PA
1:35:00 PM33Weatherby Vanguard 25-064373Thomas ClarkMexico NY
1:35:00 PM34Weatherby Vanguard 25-064373Juan R Perez AponteReading PA
1:40:00 PM33EAA Windicator 357mag2895Joy MagdeburgAshland PA
1:40:00 PM34EAA Windicator 357mag2895David ZebertavageBernville PA
1:45:00 PM33$750.00 CASH5318Josh HerbaughMechanicsburg PA
1:45:00 PM34$750.00 CASH5318Tyler MacPhersonYork PA
1:50:00 PM33Tristar Raptor Camo 12ga3041Chris SimmonsEphrata PA
1:50:00 PM34Tristar Raptor Camo 12ga3041Jan AllemanSeaford DE
1:55:00 PM33Mossberg Patriot 6.5 Creedmore3335Mathijis EggenKulpmont PA
1:55:00 PM34Mossberg Patriot 6.5 Creedmore3335Ian LucasMechanicsburg PA
2:00:00 PM33Polaris Sportsman 570 4x48187Thomas KiddCarlisle PA
2:00:00 PM34Polaris Sportsman 570 4x48187Raymond GetzNew Bloomfield PA
2:05:00 PM33Remington 783 2704800Ronnie Carlson JrPleasant Gap PA
2:05:00 PM34Remington 783 2704800Joden YohnCarlisle PA
2:10:00 PM33S&W M&P 15 Sport 22LR1932Sandy NeumeisterAshland PA
2:10:00 PM34S&W M&P 15 Sport 22LR1932Mike MartinNew Holland PA
2:15:00 PM33$750.00 CASH7532Kara StonerCarlisle PA
2:15:00 PM34$750.00 CASH7532Tim AckermanMechanicsburg PA
2:20:00 PM33Remington 783 w/scope8912Tannya MartinGriffin GA
2:20:00 PM34Remington 783 w/scope8912Nathan HeapsFawn Grove PA
2:25:00 PM33Savage 110 Engage w/scope 7mm-084902Jeanne MarklePleasant Gap PA
2:25:00 PM34Savage 110 Engage w/scope 7mm-084902Justin BenderDillsburg PA
2:30:00 PM33$1000.00 CASH7598Robert UpdegroveEtters PA
2:30:00 PM34$1000.00 CASH7598Dennis RobbinsHarrisburg PA
2:35:00 PM33Remington 783 w/scope9420Ken WylandCarlisle PA
2:35:00 PM34Remington 783 w/scope9420William TurnsHarrisburg PA
2:40:00 PM33Savage 93F 22WMR7162Kerri QuigleyDillsburg PA
2:40:00 PM34Savage 93F 22WMR7162Bryan GoshertMt Holly Springs PA
2:45:00 PM33$750.00 CASH6214Bill BarrickEnola PA
2:45:00 PM34$750.00 CASH6214Adam NobileMechanicsburg PA
2:50:00 PM33Winchester XPR Camo 270WSM9670Jade ShellenbergerYork PA
2:50:00 PM34Winchester XPR Camo 270WSM9670Donald BrownCarlisle PA
2:55:00 PM33S&W M-2 M&P 9mm9360Nathan VogelMiddletown PA
2:55:00 PM34S&W M-2 M&P 9mm9360Ryker ArmondCarlisle PA
3:00:00 PM33Hustler Fastrak SDX54” Zero Turn Mower5645Clay HermanCarlisle PA
3:00:00 PM34Hustler Fastrak SDX54” Zero Turn Mower5645Jeremiah HoffmanRobesonia PA
3:05:00 PM33Stevens 320 Turkey 12ga9189Terry ChilsonTowanda PA
3:05:00 PM34Stevens 320 Turkey 12ga9189Ed KodishChambersburg PA
3:10:00 PM33Savage Axis XP 22-2503478Dave TempleHummelstown PA
3:10:00 PM34Savage Axis XP 22-2503478Robert MapesDrexel Hill Pa
3:15:00 PM33$750.00 CASH2245Scott Jr BeckeyMechanicsburg PA
3:15:00 PM34$750.00 CASH2245Dean PiferNew Kingstown PA
3:20:00 PM33Weatherby Vanguard 25-067430David HammakerDuncannon PA
3:20:00 PM34Weatherby Vanguard 25-067430Brett HoretskyNiddletown PA
3:25:00 PM33Savage M11 6.5 Creedmore1563Carol LukensHarrisburg PA
3:25:00 PM34Savage M11 6.5 Creedmore1563Des AdamsCarlisle PA
3:30:00 PM33$1000.00 CASH6861Peggy MorrisDuncannon PA
3:30:00 PM34$1000.00 CASH6861Brett ReillyMechanicsburg PA
3:35:00 PM33S&W M&P 2.0 380ACP9625Rosa SanchezYork PA
3:35:00 PM34S&W M&P 2.0 380ACP9625Thomas DobbinsBroomall PA
3:40:00 PM33Savage 110 Hog Hunter 3088048Nick HuffYork PA
3:40:00 PM34Savage 110 Hog Hunter 3088048Stephen KuzioFrackville PA
3:45:00 PM33$750.00 CASH7571Mark SmithDanville PA
3:45:00 PM34$750.00 CASH7571Shane McMillanDauphin PA
3:50:00 PM33Savage 110 Engage XP 6.5PRC8736Deanna RothrockMiddletown PA
3:50:00 PM34Savage 110 Engage XP 6.5PRC8736Sasha BakerEnola PA
3:55:00 PM33Weatherby Vanguard 22-2505567Ginny MyersEnola PA.
3:55:00 PM34Weatherby Vanguard 22-2505567Madison ShawWatertown NY
4:00:00 PM33Polaris Sportsman 570 4x44266Len OrehekStroudsburg PA
4:00:00 PM34Polaris Sportsman 570 4x44266Ken FickesYork Haven PA
4:05:00 PM33Mossberg Patriot Hunting 2702678Mary ChrisjohnHorseheads NY
4:05:00 PM34Mossberg Patriot Hunting 2702678Brandon KauffmanEnola PA
4:10:00 PM33CZ 612 Field 12ga3859Janelle RichardShermans Dale PA
4:10:00 PM34CZ 612 Field 12ga3859Scott TaylorFrackville PA
4:15:00 PM33$750.00 CASH4739Christy KeretetlerEnola PA
4:15:00 PM34$750.00 CASH4739Richard FloydMechanicsburg PA
4:20:00 PM33Savage Axis 22-2504314Cherie MurrayMontoursville PA
4:20:00 PM34Savage Axis 22-2504314Carl BrianLancaster PA
4:25:00 PM33Sar B6 Stainless Pistol 9mm4944Deb FertigHershey PA
4:25:00 PM34Sar B6 Stainless Pistol 9mm4944Keith SmithErin NY
4:30:00 PM33$1000.00 CASH9668Matt BohlEtters PA
4:30:00 PM34$1000.00 CASH9668Wesley MillarFort Myers FL
4:35:00 PM33Savage M11 22-2507874Jai Anna KunkleCarlisle PA
4:35:00 PM34Savage M11 22-2507874Darlene KappDuncannon PA
4:40:00 PM33Wicked Ridge Crossbow6199Vickie WrightNew Bloomfield PA
4:40:00 PM34Wicked Ridge Crossbow6199Michael FaustSchuylkill Haven PA
4:45:00 PM33$750.00 CASH3813Brian SteiglemanMechanicsburg PA
4:45:00 PM34$750.00 CASH3813Carol OberHarrisburg PA
4:50:00 PM33Hi Point Carbine w/CT Red 40SW648Matthew WardNew Bloomfield PA
4:50:00 PM34Hi Point Carbine w/CT Red 40SW648Kerry MarianoOrwigsburg PA
4:55:00 PM33Weatherby Vanguard 257WBY Mag1549Chester LawrenceMehoopany PA
4:55:00 PM34Weatherby Vanguard 257WBY Mag1549Mike AdamsMontrose NY
5:00:00 PM33Polaris Sportsman 570 4x49811Glen CorcoranFredericksburg PA
5:00:00 PM34Polaris Sportsman 570 4x49811Linda BowmanManchester PA
5:05:00 PM33Savage Axis II 6.5 Creedmore4257Mike Shade JrMarysville PA
5:05:00 PM34Savage Axis II 6.5 Creedmore4257Joyce TompkinsLiverpool PA
5:10:00 PM33CZ 612 Field 12ga2050Todd ErbYork PA
5:10:00 PM34CZ 612 Field 12ga2050Richard Hormel JrYork PA
5:15:00 PM33$750.00 CASH8054Rocky LongFannettsburg PA
5:15:00 PM34$750.00 CASH8054Fay LoyShermans Dale PA
5:20:00 PM33Savage 110 Apex XP 7mm660Andy SouderCarlisle PA
5:20:00 PM34Savage 110 Apex XP 7mm660Denise PennKoshkonons MS
5:25:00 PM33Winchester XPR Hunter 300WSM6978Daniel BurkeScranton PA
5:25:00 PM34Winchester XPR Hunter 300WSM6978Denny HornMarysville PA
5:30:00 PM33$1000.00 CASH5551Samuel Rees JrSnow Shoe PA
5:30:00 PM34$1000.00 CASH5551Frank Egresitz JrMiddletown PA
5:35:00 PM33Mossberg INT 817 17HMR295Susan StoneLoysville PA
5:35:00 PM34Mossberg INT 817 17HMR295Dan MaderMechanicsburg PA
5:40:00 PM33S&W M2.0 Shield 380 ACP6179Kevin EntzMontoursville PA
5:40:00 PM34S&W M2.0 Shield 380 ACP6179Megan SouderMt Holly Springs PA
5:45:00 PM33$750.00 CASH1023Charmaine StemdelTowanda PA
5:45:00 PM34$750.00 CASH1023Todd PropstJonestown PA
5:50:00 PM33Centerpoint Crossbow Kit436Hal HamerHarrisburg PA
5:50:00 PM34Centerpoint Crossbow Kit436Jason BuffenmeyerAnnville PA
5:55:00 PM33Savage 25 Walking Varmiter 2049398Mike SandersBiglerville PA
5:55:00 PM34Savage 25 Walking Varmiter 2049398Mike NaceNew Cumberland PA
6:00:00 PM33Polaris Sportsman 570 4x42057Jared SidesingerManchester PA
6:00:00 PM34Polaris Sportsman 570 4x42057Nathan StoutYork Pennsylvania
6:05:00 PM33Mossberg Patriot 450 BM8966Richard Miller JrEtters PA
6:05:00 PM34Mossberg Patriot 450 BM8966Glenn NutterBernville PA
6:10:00 PM33Weatherby Vanguard 7mm-082454Heather HallNew Kingstown PA
6:10:00 PM34Weatherby Vanguard 7mm-082454Robert A DeArmittPort Matilda PA
6:15:00 PM33$750.00 CASH9696Duane S RileyElmira NY
6:15:00 PM34$750.00 CASH9696Matt GutshallMt Holly Springs PA
6:20:00 PM33S&W M&P 15 Sport 22LR6433Hunter LuchJonestown PA
6:20:00 PM34S&W M&P 15 Sport 22LR6433Dan AntoniCamp Hill PA
6:25:00 PM33Mossberg Super Bantam w/scope 6.59134Ronald MoodyYork Haven PA
6:25:00 PM34Mossberg Super Bantam w/scope 6.59134Jason AndersonAirville PA
6:30:00 PM33$1000.00 CASH5619John S BoswellMechanicsburg PA
6:30:00 PM34$1000.00 CASH5619Michael HartzellDuncannon PA
6:35:00 PM33CVA Wolf Rifle 50 cal3898Dewayne FyffeManassas VA
6:35:00 PM34CVA Wolf Rifle 50 cal3898Jacob JonesShermans Dale PA
6:40:00 PM33Savage Axis II XP 22-2507788Tony RobinsonChambersburg PA
6:40:00 PM34Savage Axis II XP 22-2507788Brent WealandLebanon PA
6:45:00 PM33$750.00 CASH7879Raelyn KuhnShermans Dale PA
6:45:00 PM34$750.00 CASH7879Justin OrwigMillerstown PA
6:50:00 PM33Tristar Setter O/U 12ga432Lucas BucciarelliDalton Pa
6:50:00 PM34Tristar Setter O/U 12ga432Aimee SnowCamp Hill PA
6:55:00 PM33Remington Model 7 Pred 2432882Jermey LukeJacksonville NC
6:55:00 PM34Remington Model 7 Pred 2432882Howard WertMechanicsburg PA
7:00:00 PM33Kioti Tractor with 60in Mower and Loader
or $12,000.00 CASH
4979Derek HoltzappleDover PA
7:00:00 PM34Kioti Tractor with 60in Mower and Loader
or $12,000.00 CASH
4979Tina LucianoShermans Dale PA




Anyone wishing to assist with, or sponsor any of our events please contact the Fire House at 717-582-2575.  We appreciate all the help.  Remember we are here for you! Please help us out with fundraising to keep your taxes low.