January 2022

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This years SOUP FEST will be Drive Thru Pickup Only. The Event will be September 18th from 2PM till 6PM while Supplies Last. We have added an online PREORDER Form to avoid the chances of an Early Sell Out. Please Order ahead if Possible using the Online Order Form or by Calling the Fire House at 717-582-2575. We will also take orders Via Email at Only orders with Name, Good Email Address, and Phone Number will be accepted by Email. All Containers for pickup will be provided by the Fire Company to meet COVID Standards.
The Order Menu is
Home Made Chicken Corn Soup $8 per Quart
Home Made Ham and Bean Soup $8 Per Quart
Home Made Beef Barbecue $10 Per Quart

Thank You all for Your Support.

Soup Fest Pre Order Form





  This Year’s Winter Meat Raffle schedule will be Announced once it is Scheduled.

  Check Back for Details.

  Doors open @ 6 PM Raffle Starts at 7 PM  

  FREE meal to all players!!  

  Come out and enjoy wonderful food and have a fun family experience!!!!  

  18 Rounds with 2 Specials  

  Chance on 1/2 Hog and 6 Door Prizes  

Come out and Support Shermans Dale Community Fire Company at this month’s Meat Raffle. Free Meal to all Players.   Raffles are held the 3rd Thursday of every month from October thru April.  Doors open at 6PM and Raffle starts at 7PM.  18 Rounds with 2 Specials.  Chances on ½ a Hog and Door Prizes.  Small Games of Chance every event.  Each round is $1 except for the specials which are $2.  Come out for some family fun and fill that freezer. Hope to see you all there.



Super Raffle Facebook Page Click Here

2021 Super Raffle Winner’s List PDF Click Here  

Click Here 2021 Super Raffle Special Winners Page – These winners were chosen by a special raffle on Saturday and are prizes that would have been raffled throughout the day and include the $10,000.00 cash that was to be given out as well if we had the Raffle in person.


12:00:00 PM334070$5000 CashJustin Misel Columbia, PA
12:00:00 PM344070$5000 CashJosh Barrick Carlisle, PA
12:05:00 PM332750Browning AB3 7mmFrank Blemler III Boiling Springs, PA
12:05:00 PM342750Browning AB3 7mmChad Bingaman Dalmatia, PA
12:10:00 PM336816Savage 110 6.5 CRBob Updegrove Etters, PA
12:10:00 PM346816Savage 110 6.5 CRJerry Shawver McClure , PA
12:15:00 PM335500$750 CashSteven McCurdy Camp Hill, PA
12:15:00 PM345500$750 CashSusan Harbold New Bloomfield, PA
12:20:00 PM333563Winchester SXP Waterfowl 12gaMatthew Deveney East Berlin, PA
12:20:00 PM343563Winchester SXP Waterfowl 12gaJoseph Gantt Shermans Dale, PA
12:25:00 PM335442Mossberg Patriot 270 WinMatt Wince Duncannon, PA
12:25:00 PM345442Mossberg Patriot 270 WinCraig Wert Shermans Dale, PA
12:30:00 PM336812$1000 CashCorey Kauffman York, PA
12:30:00 PM346812$1000 CashKen Barric Shermans Dale, PA
12:35:00 PM338031Ruger American 450 BushmasterBarb Campbell Middletown, PA
12:35:00 PM348031Ruger American 450 BushmasterTravis Hepp Wyalusing, PA
12:40:00 PM339571Savage Axis XP 22-250Amanda Mengenie Etters, PA
12:40:00 PM349571Savage Axis XP 22-250Steven E Dagen Lykens, PA
12:45:00 PM338922$750 CashJeffrey Shellenberger York, PA
12:45:00 PM348922$750 CashRyan Hays Duncannon, PA
12:50:00 PM335786Remington 700 ADL 30-06 w/scopeZerta DeVotie St. Thomas, PA
12:50:00 PM345786Remington 700 ADL 30-06 w/scopeAshley Kramer Millerstown, PA
12:55:00 PM332602Winchester XPR 30-06Claire Salukas Girardville, PA
12:55:00 PM342602Winchester XPR 30-06Dan Ruppert York, PA
1:00:00 PM336684Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4Ruthie Snyder Towanda, PA
1:00:00 PM346684Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4Mariam Pifer Dillsburg, PA
1:05:00 PM332636Thompson Center Venture w/scopeShawn Showers Mechanicsburg, PA
1:05:00 PM342636Thompson Center Venture w/scopeGreg Black Mechanicsburg, PA
1:10:00 PM337036Savage 111 XP 7mmJake Sgrignoli Enola, PA
1:10:00 PM347036Savage 111 XP 7mmColleen Boldosser Elliotsburg, PA
1:15:00 PM333686$750 CashBarb Long Fannettsburg, PA
1:15:00 PM343686$750 CashBradford Dillman New Bloomfield, PA
1:20:00 PM334183Marlin XT mag Varmit 17HMRMartin Clouse Shermans Dale, PA
1:20:00 PM344183Marlin XT mag Varmit 17HMRJoe Davis Hanover, PA
1:25:00 PM339078Parker Crossbow X123 MRElaine Rowe Ulster, PA
1:25:00 PM349078Parker Crossbow X123 MRDorthy A Wertz Millerstown, PA
1:30:00 PM338564$1000 CashNick Handel Dover, PA
1:30:00 PM348564$1000 CashEthan Clark Shermans Dale, PA
1:35:00 PM336161Mossberg Patriot 6.5 CreedTodd Sweitzer Manchester, PA
1:35:00 PM346161Mossberg Patriot 6.5 CreedNancy Shuler York Haven, PA
1:40:00 PM331533Browning A Bolt III 7mmSherri McConnell Shermans Dale, PA
1:40:00 PM341533Browning A Bolt III 7mmNicholas Juisti Drexel Hill, Pa
1:45:00 PM333436$750 CashCraig Connors Sayerville, NJ
1:45:00 PM343436$750 CashNick Birbeck New Bloomfield, PA
1:50:00 PM333808Smith & Wesson M&P40 40 calBrenda Proud Orrstown, PA
1:50:00 PM343808Smith & Wesson M&P40 40 calBruce S Enterline Carlisle, PA
1:55:00 PM337233Winchester XPR 300 WinBrian Steigleman Mechanicsburg, PA
1:55:00 PM347233Winchester XPR 300 WinJason Estright Enola, PA
2:00:00 PM335136Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4Robert Sharpe Harrisburg, PA
2:00:00 PM345136Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4Mark Blair Newport, PA
2:05:00 PM334103Savage II 7mm 08Scot Bonner Mechanicsburg, PA
2:05:00 PM344103Savage II 7mm 08Carolyn Kerns Shippensburg, PA
2:10:00 PM336738Remington 700ADL w/scope 300 WinJonathan Huff Roulette , PA
2:10:00 PM346738Remington 700ADL w/scope 300 WinJames Kunder York Springs, PA
2:15:00 PM337547$750 CashChris Grabowicz York Haven, PA
2:15:00 PM347547$750 CashDaniel McMaster Gardners, PA
2:20:00 PM337792Mossberg Patriot 22-250Mike Stuber Schaefferstown, PA
2:20:00 PM347792Mossberg Patriot 22-250Coty Hilbert Thomasville, PA
2:25:00 PM331413Ruger American 6.5 CreedJoe Saultz Mechanicsburg, PA
2:25:00 PM341413Ruger American 6.5 CreedTom Kerkeslager Palmyra, PA
2:30:00 PM334666$1000 CashRay Hicks Carlisle, PA
2:30:00 PM344666$1000 CashChase Rohm Loysville, PA
2:35:00 PM334563Remington 783 w/scope 270Gary Egolf Mt Joy, PA
2:35:00 PM344563Remington 783 w/scope 270Bobbi Jo Zeigler Shermans Dale, PA
2:40:00 PM332104Savage B17 17HMRGlen Corcoran Fredericksburg, PA
2:40:00 PM342104Savage B17 17HMREric Moyer Oberlin, PA
2:45:00 PM33449$750 CashDaniel Unterkofler Mohrsville, PA
2:45:00 PM34449$750 CashShane Simmoneau Mechanicsburg, PA
2:50:00 PM338476Weatherby VGD Sporter 308Joe Fogle Mechanicsburg, PA
2:50:00 PM348476Weatherby VGD Sporter 308Danny Matos Elizabethtown, PA
2:55:00 PM331052Mossberg Patriot 7mm 08Gena Bickhart Elizabethtown, PA
2:55:00 PM341052Mossberg Patriot 7mm 08Clarence Deremer Breezewood, PA
3:00:00 PM335Hustler Fastrak SDX 54" Zeroturn MowerShaun Jones Shermans Dale, PA
3:00:00 PM345Hustler Fastrak SDX 54" Zeroturn MowerCindy Burkholder Dillsburg, PA
3:05:00 PM332586KAHR Arms P40 40S&WJustin Zellers Elliotsburg, PA
3:05:00 PM342586KAHR Arms P40 40S&WWilliam Frey Manchester, PA
3:10:00 PM336630Winchester XPR Sporter 270Chuck Bricker Mechanicsburg, PA
3:10:00 PM346630Winchester XPR Sporter 270Ross Richwine Dillsburg, PA
3:15:00 PM331105$750 CashZach Seaman Harrisburg, PA
3:15:00 PM341105$750 CashAlan Howell Orrstown , PA
3:20:00 PM33201Savage Axis II 300 BlkTim Yinger Enola, PA
3:20:00 PM34201Savage Axis II 300 BlkRick Patterson Dillsburg, PA
3:25:00 PM333332Browning AB III 6.5 CreedScott Lupfer Carlisle, PA
3:25:00 PM343332Browning AB III 6.5 CreedAngelo Maskornick Ringtown, PA
3:30:00 PM335722$1000 CashThomas Minnich Lebanon, PA
3:30:00 PM345722$1000 CashFlo McKee Shippensburg, PA
3:35:00 PM336303Remington 700 SPS 6.5 CreedChris Deiter Halifax, PA
3:35:00 PM346303Remington 700 SPS 6.5 CreedPietro Picciurro Selinsgrove, PA
3:40:00 PM331368Thompson Center CompassHoward Wyland New Kingstown, PA
3:40:00 PM341368Thompson Center CompassTim Harris Valley View, PA
3:45:00 PM333017$750 CashDeborah Peck Duncannon, PA
3:45:00 PM343017$750 CashShannon Smeigh Mechanicsburg, PA
3:50:00 PM333997Tristar Arms Raptor 12gaSidney L Gardner New Bloomfield, PA
3:50:00 PM343997Tristar Arms Raptor 12gaSheila Thesen Carlisle, PA
3:55:00 PM336379Savage III 300 WinDaulton Pierre York Haven, PA
3:55:00 PM346379Savage III 300 WinTroy Hoffman Halifax, PA
4:00:00 PM334155Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4Jen Shepard Mechanicsburg, PA
4:00:00 PM344155Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4Steve Magill Shermans Dale, PA
4:05:00 PM334744Winchester XPR 308John Trimble Mountville, PA
4:05:00 PM344744Winchester XPR 308Vickie Lowe Shermans Dale, PA
4:10:00 PM336462Mossberg Tactical 5:56Joyce Tompkins Liverpool, PA
4:10:00 PM346462Mossberg Tactical 5:56Keith Mateer Etters, PA
4:15:00 PM33659$750 CashTodd Mullen Elliotsburg, PA
4:15:00 PM34659$750 CashSavanah Dick Newport, PA
4:20:00 PM334391Ruger AmericanGregory Tuttle Central Square, NY
4:20:00 PM344391Ruger AmericanTaylor Wertz Mechanicsburg, PA
4:25:00 PM334681Legacy Hogue 204Rickey Crawford Fredericksburg, VA
4:25:00 PM344681Legacy Hogue 204Angela Kofalt Mechanicsburg, PA
4:30:00 PM334764$1000 CashMark D Kovach Brantingham, NY
4:30:00 PM344764$1000 CashTiffany Grace Carlisle, PA
4:35:00 PM335560Smith & Wesson M&P 40S&WSharon Barb Lebanon, PA
4:35:00 PM345560Smith & Wesson M&P 40S&WNicole Vasalinda Mechanicsburg, PA
4:40:00 PM336864Parker Crossbow X213 MRChris Heikes Red Lion, PA
4:40:00 PM346864Parker Crossbow X213 MRJim Redmond Moshannon, PA
4:45:00 PM336844$750 CashDeb Miller Newport, PA
4:45:00 PM346844$750 CashDavid Kyle Newville, PA
4:50:00 PM337648Remington ADL SS w/scope 30-06Tim Lawrence Hanover, PA
4:50:00 PM347648Remington ADL SS w/scope 30-06Robert Mapes Drexel Hill, Pa
4:55:00 PM336239Savage Mod 42 22 WMR /410Terry Doyle Halifax, PA
4:55:00 PM346239Savage Mod 42 22 WMR /410Rodger Hefflefinger Carlisle, PA
5:00:00 PM339215Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4Sara Hazelton Shermans Dale, PA
5:00:00 PM349215Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4Tami Blosser Enola, PA
5:05:00 PM331432Ruger American w/scopeDeb Ellerman Carlisle, PA
5:05:00 PM341432Ruger American w/scopeRobert Boyer Shamokin, PA
5:10:00 PM337039Savage Axis II XP 6.5 CreedChris E Richardson Spring Mills, PA
5:10:00 PM347039Savage Axis II XP 6.5 CreedTerry Mackey Carlisle, PA
5:15:00 PM33227$750 CashDanaca Peck Manheim, PA
5:15:00 PM34227$750 CashSpurgeon Moore Watsontown, PA
5:20:00 PM338270Thompson Centre VentureChad Fahnestock Mechanicsburg, PA
5:20:00 PM348270Thompson Centre VentureRhys Eastham Carlisle, PA
5:25:00 PM333035Remington SPS 260Shawn Showers Mechanicsburg, PA
5:25:00 PM343035Remington SPS 260Hank Rebinski Mechanicsburg, PA
5:30:00 PM334578$1000 CashSandi Wyland New Kingstown, PA
5:30:00 PM344578$1000 CashTom Wilson Weedville, PA
5:35:00 PM333087Savage Axis II w/scope 22-250David M Mitchell Shermans Dale, PA
5:35:00 PM343087Savage Axis II w/scope 22-250Zachary Hartman Aspers, PA
5:40:00 PM331289Ruger American 7mm 08Leanna Focht Pine Grove, PA
5:40:00 PM341289Ruger American 7mm 08Robert Holland Duncannon, PA
5:45:00 PM337744$750 CashCody Brashear Harrisburg, PA
5:45:00 PM347744$750 CashLisa Mead Monroeton, PA
5:50:00 PM334847Remington 700 ADL Youth 243Paul Bolen Carlisle, PA
5:50:00 PM344847Remington 700 ADL Youth 243Ashley Stouffer Marysville, PA
5:55:00 PM334179Savage III 338 WinJohn F Downs Harrisburg, PA
5:55:00 PM344179Savage III 338 WinGreg Kimmel Mechanicsburg, PA
6:00:00 PM335010Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4Ed Bridge Shermans Dale, PA
6:00:00 PM345010Polaris Sportsman 570 4X4Iris K Nelson East Berlin, PA
6:05:00 PM335882Winchester XPR 270Samantha Riffon Pitman, PA
6:05:00 PM345882Winchester XPR 270Doug Wilber Canton, PA
6:10:00 PM337453Thompson Center VentureCody Wile Lancaster, PA
6:10:00 PM347453Thompson Center VentureHolly Hofmann Gillett, PA
6:15:00 PM338155$750 CashBarry Hertzler Burlington, CT
6:15:00 PM348155$750 CashDaniel Delancy Garrett, PA
6:20:00 PM336977Remington 783 w/scope 300WinMichael Metzger Mechanicsburg, PA
6:20:00 PM346977Remington 783 w/scope 300WinChris Young Newton Square, PA
6:25:00 PM338258Savage Axis XP w/scope 270Carla Dale Mechanicsburg, PA
6:25:00 PM348258Savage Axis XP w/scope 270Robert Charles Liverpool , PA
6:30:00 PM331710$1000 CashRay Prinsen Carlisle, PA
6:30:00 PM341710$1000 CashDavid Kirk Etters, PA
6:35:00 PM338221Remington 700ADL SS w/scope 30:06Michael O'Donnell Penn Hills, PA
6:35:00 PM348221Remington 700ADL SS w/scope 30:06Matt Spade Thompsontown, PA
6:40:00 PM339325Weatherby VanguardKeegan Toot New Kingstown, PA
6:40:00 PM349325Weatherby VanguardJames A Quaid Harrisburg, PA
6:45:00 PM337665$750 CashHenry D Lockard Etters, PA
6:45:00 PM347665$750 CashTim Chestnut Carlisle, PA
6:50:00 PM334925Smith & Wesson M&P40 40Chester Yeager Enola, PA
6:50:00 PM344925Smith & Wesson M&P40 40Chris Loeffert Mechanicsburg, PA
6:55:00 PM338914Savage Axis 270Brent Keyser Elizabethtown, PA
6:55:00 PM348914Savage Axis 270Roy E Casner Newport, PA
7:00:00 PM331054$12000 Cash or Kioti TractorEric Nace Sr Carlisle, PA
7:00:00 PM341054$12000 Cash or Kioti TractorDenny Barrick Mechanicsburg, PA
Anyone wishing to assist with, or sponsor any of our events please contact the Fire House at 717-582-2575.  We appreciate all the help.  Remember we are here for you! Please help us out with fundraising to keep your taxes low.