Below are photos from various calls we respond to as well as events around the station and fundraisers. We post these to help shed a little light on the different aspects we face as volunteer firefighters. Link text appears above albums to take you to our Google Photos Pages. 

   October 31st Halloween Night photos from Trunk Or Treat hosted by Shermans Dale United Methodist Church.  It was a privilege to provide lighting again for the event and Everyone enjoyed giving out the treats. It was a little confusing to figure out who at the Truck was actually wearing a costume though. Photos contributed by Donald Walker     

   Photos from the October 26th Fire Prevention Event at a local school.  THANK YOU to everyone who helps pull these events off. Photos Contributed by Donald Walker.    

  Photos from our First Attempt at a Gun BINGO Fundraiser on October 21st. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and came out to support the Company.  Many Thanks to all the Volunteers and their families that once again came out to help us pull off this event.  We couldn’t achieve much of what we attempt without your support and assistance.  Special Thanks to the Standby crew from Blain Fire Company who covered for us.  Things went well and there is a good chance another Gun Bingo will take place in the future.  Photos Contributed by Donald Walker.  

  Photos from the New Rescue we are having built by KME. Photos Contributed by Mike Minich and Lo Barrick. Delivery date is currently expected Mid December  

  October 14th Company Banquet Photos.  Not enough can be said to payback all the people and organizations that support us as a company through the year.  THANK YOU to all the Volunteers, Mutual Aid Companies, Government Officials, and outside Agencies that work with and support  us to make each year a success in our strive to serve our community. Photos Contributed by Donald Walker. 


  October 12th Photos from Fire Prevention Day at Sky’s the Limit Daycare. Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to help out.  Photos contributed by Donald Walker.  

   Photos from the September 22nd Community Day hosted by SDCFC.  THANK YOU to everyone who came out for the event.  It was great to get together with other Organizations that work hard to Support the Community just like we do.  Here’s to continued cooperation in the future.  Also thanks to all that donated blood at the blood drive 25 pints of blood will be able to save the lives of 75 local patients.  Great Job By all Involved and who attended.  Photos Contributed by Donald Walker  .

   August 23rd Corn Processing Night at the Station. Thank you to everyone who came out and helped this year. This night supports most of our fundraisers that are held throughout the year. Photos contributed by Donald Walker   .

August 11th Photos from Condensed Grain Silo Training. Photos contributed by Mike Minich and Cole Wertz  .

    Photos from August 10th Auto Accident in the 5000 Block of Spring Road.  Photos contributed by Donald Walker.     

  June 24th Auto Meet photos. Thank You to everyone who came out for the Meet this year and hope to see you all next year. Photos contributed by Donald Walker.  

   June 15th photos from an Auto Accident near the intersection of Evergreen and Sleepy Hollow Roads. Photos Contributed by Donald Walker.  

May 5th pictures from the 11th Annual Super Raffle.  Thank You to all this year’s Patrons, Sponsors, and Volunteers. You make this event a success that we hope runs far into the future.  Hope to see you all next year on May 4th, 2019 for the 12th Super Raffle. Currently tickets are planned to go on-sale early October.  Photos contributed by Donald Walker.

May 4th Car Fire photos from the 4800 block of Spring Road. Photos contributed by Donald Walker.

May 3rd photos from the fire on Mountain View Road.  Thank You to all the support we were given from the Mutual Aid companies that also responded.  Information to help the family affected can be found on the Shermans Dale Ambulance Association Facebook Page.

Photos from the McNaughton Drive Fire in Duncannon on April 21st. Photos contributed by Donald Walker.

April 19th photos from the last Meat Raffle for this winter’s fundraising season.  THANK YOU to everyone who came out support the Fire Company this year.  All the Patrons of the Raffles , Volunteers in the Kitchen and on the Floor during the events.  Also Thank You for all the work done behind the scenes during the day to go get the necessary supplies and ready the meals for the night of the event.  Great Job and Many Thanks to all involved.  Photos contributed by Donald Walker.


Photos from cleanup after the Wildfire in the 200 Block of Church Road late Saturday afternoon April 14th that stretched  into the evening.  MANY THANKS to New Bloomfield Fire Company , North Middleton Township Fire Company, and the DCNR crew that worked with us on the Fire Ground.  Also Special Thanks to Carlisle Fire and Rescue’s Engine Crew and West Pennsboro Fire Companies Tanker Crew for the Standby at our station.  Since it was a Bingo Night many others also showed up to help at the Event.  The list of Individuals that banded together  seemed endless good job by ALL.  Photos contributed by  Donald Walker.

April 13th Aerial Testing and Work around the Station. Photos contributed by Donald Walker.

April 9th Wildfire photos from Fox Hollow Road.  Photos contributed by Donald Walker. 

March 24th Saturday Night Bingo photos. This was the Largest Crowd this year. Thank You to Everyone who comes out and supports not only our Bingo program but the other fundraisers we have throughout the Year.  Without you what we do would not be possible. Photos contributed by Donald Walker, Mike Minich, and Greg Minich. 

March 10th pictures from the Field Day for the S-130 Wildland Firefighting Course Field Day.  This was the final day of training preceded by four days of Classroom.  Great Job by all who attended from the multiple companies spanning two counties.  Thank You to our Instructors.  Photos contributed by Donald Walker.

Photos from December 22nd’s Meat Raffle.  Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Fire Company.  Next Raffle is Thursday Night, January 18th.  Hope to see you there.  Photos contributed by Donald Walker.


November 4th Special Vehicle Rescue Course photos contributed by Mike Minich. Course was hosted by our station and had attendees from across the Counties we serve. Special Thanks to Silver Spring Company 31 for letting use us their Rescue during the class and also to HJ Towing for the use of their facilities and equipment.