Company Officers

Fire Line Officers 

Fire ChiefMichael Minich
1st Assistant ChiefJay Kitner
2nd Assistant ChiefKenneth Hair
3rd Assistant ChiefJeffery Nelson
4th Assistant ChiefCole Wertz
5th Assistant ChiefChris Ziegler
Training OfficerJeffery Nelson

Maintenance Officers 

CaptainTyler Kitner
LieutenantBrain Smith
LieutenantRick Jones
LieutenantDylan Zeigler

Administrative Officers

PresidentGregory Minich
Vice PresidentChristopher Zeigler
SecretaryTrisha Wertz
Assistant SecretaryKristan McNeely
TreasurerShelby Nelson
Assistant TreasurerJay Kitner
ChaplinPastor George Kell
Assistant ChaplinTimothy Wilson


DirectorKenneth Hair
DirectorJohn Fleisher
DirectorMatthew Kirk
DirectorTimothy Wilson
DirectorTyrus Wilson

Firemen’s Relief Association

PresidentGregory Minich
Vice-PresidentCole Wertz
TreasurerMegan Carver
SecretaryTrisha Wertz

Just a word from the Fire & Administrative Officers:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank not only the rest of the company but all the members of the communities we serve that come out throughout the year to help make our jobs and tasks easier. We all take great pride in what we do and how we do it. I know we all have the same common goal. That goal to provide a great fire service organization to the communities we serve and their citizens. I believe we most certainly do that but not without your help and support. Thanks Again.